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'He who knows the secret of the sounds, knows the mystery of the whole Universe'

                           - Hazrat Inayat Khan

Solfeggio Frequencies

The Ancient Solfeggio Scale and Healing Sounds


Modern science is now recognising what the ancient mystics throughout time have been saying: that all physical matter is in a constant state of vibration, and everything emanates sound (even if it's not audible to the human ear). Our physical bodies are really a symphony of diffrent sounds created by the functioning of our biological sysytem. In its state of optimum health our bodies are harmoniously aligned with their original blueprint of creation.


Knowing that every organ and every individual cell absorbs and emits sound, it is easy to understand that each also has its own optimum state of vibrational frequency (resonance): its higest state of health.

With sickness or disfunction the vibration of the sound changes and the afflicted part of the body part moves into a state of disharmony.


So with this understanding we can see that the different parts of our physical and energetic bodies all have their individual frequencies of optimum resonance (perfect health), and how significant specific sounds and frequencies can be when used as healing tools.

This how the Solfeggio frequencies work, these ancient tones each resonate at a specific frequency found within our original Divine blueprint.


Exposing ourselves to these frequencies can help our bodies, cells and DNA come back into balance and alignment.

Listening to these tones allows the bodyand energetic system to absorb and remember its original blueprint, helping us return to our highest potential of vitality and awareness.

Vibration is everything. And every vibration has its own frequency. By exposing the mind and body to the Solfeggio frequencies, you can easily achieve a greater sense of balance and deep healing. The Solfeggio frequencies align you with the rhythms and tones that form the basis of the Universe.


This ancient scale to be part of a 6-tone scale sequence of electro-magnetic frequencies called the Original Solfeggio Scale has been written in the book "The Healing Codes of Biological Apocalypse" by Dr. Leonard Horowitz. These particular frequencies were rediscovered by Dr. Joseph Puleo, who received them in a wonderful experience that some would suggest was mystical. These frequencies are not something new, but indeed something very ancient.

We owe Dr. Puleo our sincere gratitude for rediscovering these frequencies and returning them to humanity. The 6-tone sequence were then manifested into tuning forks, names of the forks are listed on the left hand side starting with UT. The hertz are at which the forks vibrate to balance your cells.


According to entries from the original Apocrypha, these original frequencies are believed to be effective in: turning grief to joy, undoing situations and facilitating change, helping a person connect with Source to bring forth miracles, repairing DNA, connecting with spiritual family and understanding relationships, becoming more expressive to solve problem situations, and finally, awakening intuition to return to spiritual order. Through sound, these tones can assist energy channels to stay open and keep the life forces (Chi) flowing freely through the chakra system. The Solfeggio Tuning Forks are another powerful way of reaching these levels.


Share this information about these frequencies with your family and friends and rediscover Ancient Frequencies Healing through Sound.


Sound Healing Frequencies


          174 Hz Remove Pain

          285 Hz Influence Energy Field

UT     396 Hz Liberate Guilt and Fear

RE     417 Hz Undo & Facilitate Change

MI      528 Hz Transform, Miracles & DNA Repair

FA     639 Hz ReConnection & Relationship

SOL  741 Hz Awake Intuition

LA     852 Hz Return to Spiritual Order

SI      963 Hz Connection with Light And Spirit




174 Hz Remove Pain


The lowest of the tones appears to be a natural anaesthetic. It tends to remove pain physically and energetically. 174 Hz frequency gives your organs a sense of security, safety and love, motivating them to do their best.


285 Hz Influence Energy Field


This frequency helps returning tissue into its original form. It influences energy fields sending them message to restructure damaged organ.





UT 396 Hz Liberate Guilt and Fear


The frequency strengthens the magnetic field, making it easier to attract the matters you want in your life. The 396 Hz frequency works to transmute the deep rooted feelings of guilt and shame, which are often imprinted through modern day society, limiting your freedom to truly be free to be who you are. This frequency can also be used as a means for grounding, awakening, sobering and returning to reality.


RE 417 Hz Undo & Facilitate Change


RE is all about Re-sonance...Being in resonance with life and the sacredness of creation. The 417 frequency can help dissolve feelings of alienation from Oneness/ God/ Source  and facilitate a return to the way of right relationship: with oneself, others and Nature. This Solfeggio frequency works to cleanse traumatic experiences and clears destructive influences of past events. It can also be used for transmuting the limiting imprints preventing one from achieving their dreams in life. When speaking of cellular processes. RE can also activate creative potentials, encouraging and energising the DNA and cells of the body to function in their optimal way.


MI 528 Hz Transform, Miracles & DNA Repair


528 Hz is the most famous frequency of the Solfeggio, also known as the love frequency! It is used to activate and return DNA to its original, perfect state and is actually also used in modern day science's by genetic biochemist in the repair of broken DNA. Used by communicating the wanted effect and with energy support from the “light” – miracles will happen! The activation and repair of DNA is followed by many beneficial effects including enhanced awareness, increased vitality, clarity of mind, awakened creativity, ecstatic states of knowing and deep inner peace. Tone MI also opens up for deep spiritual experiences of enlightenment states- the birth-right and natural state of all human beings.


 FA 639 Hz ReConnection & Relationship


This frequency enables creation of harmonious community and interpersonal relationships. Tone FA can be used for dealing with relationships problems – in family, between partners, friends or social problems. It has also been known to encourage the cells of the body to communicate better with its environment. This ancient solfeggio frequency enhances communication, understanding, tolerance and love. 639 Hz frequency can also be used to open up communication with parallel worlds and spiritual spheres.


SOL 741 Hz Awake Intuition


The word SOL comes from latin phrase 'Solve polluti'. This frequency works to purify the cells and the body from the toxins. Frequent use of 741 Hz leads to a healthier, simpler life, and also to change in diet towards foods free of agro-chemicals and other various toxins. SOL will also purify the cells from different kinds of electromagnetic radiations and has also been known to heal infections – viral, bacterial and fungal. This frequency can motivate you to make decisions that lead to a pure, stable and spiritual life.


LA 852 Hz Return to Spiritual Order


Tone LA is directly connected to the principle of Light. Light is a higher form of bio energy and sound. This frequency can be used as means for activating the 3rd eye, inner sight and knowing. LA expands awareness and opens up the spiritual connectivity of a person to greater depths. This frequency also helps facilitate a healthy sense of detachment in life situations and realigns the body's cells and bio-system in preparation for higher level of operation.


 SI 963 Hz Connection with Light And Spirit


This tone awakens any system to its original, perfect state. It is connected with the Light and all-embracing Spirit, and enables direct experience, the return to Oneness. This frequency re-connects you with the Spirit, or the non-vibrational energies of the spiritual world. It will enable you to experience Oneness – our true nature.

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