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Divine Light Body Activation & Healing Ceremony


Healing & Activation Session      

7 pm - 9 pm


Workshop Venue: London


Awake, Heal, Rise your Vibrations & Reconnect your Light Body and DNA higher vibrations through healing sessions of Sacred Ceremony.

Discover the healing and transformational power of Divine Light and Sacred Sounds frequencies, designed to help us raise our consciousness and awareness vibration to ascension of higher paradigm.


On that evening you will experience energy and sound frequencies which will transform you through vibrational shifts and healing, that will assist you with personal and planetary activation.


Exposing ourselves to these energies and frequencies can help our bodies, cells and DNA come back into balance and alignment.

Listening to these tones allows the body and energetic system to absorb and remember its original blueprint, helping us return to our highest potential of vitality and awareness.

Rediscover Ancient Frequencies Healing. They will help you to:

  • undo situations & facilitate change
  • turn grief to joy
  • connect with Source
  • bring forth healing miracles & repare DNA
  • connect with spiritual family & understand relationships
  • become more expressive to solve problem situations
  • awake intuition & return to spiritual order


Through sound, these tones can assist energy channels to stay open and keep the life forces (Chi) flowing freely through the chakra system.


On the Event you will experience:


Heart Attunment


Energy Healing, Activation & Integration

Inner Peace Expanssion

Rising DNA Vibrations

Unfolding Authentic Beingness

Sacred Sounds & Visions Healing

Light Language Awakening Vibrations

Pure Divine Light Healing Frequency

Realignment with the Universe



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Weekly Divine Light Activation & Healing Ceremony
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Spiritual & Psychic Self Development

Journey of Awakening & Light Body Activation


Course     7 weeks                             7 pm - 9 pm weekdays


Location: London


The Course intention is to unfold and use an Ancient Truths, assisting you in applying this wisdom, which will open your heart, awake and activate your Light Body as you walk your spiritual path.

The teachings will help you realise the need for external tools and to rely on your own Divine connections as a True Source of inspirations and guidance.

Travel Divine Spiral through Sacred Geometry to open the heart and move more deeply into understanding of the infinitive nature of consciousness. 

If this course is for you, you are aware that you have a higher self and soul and would like to strengthen your connection to them. You are interested in developing your psychic abilities and in becoming more aware of subtle energies and how to work with them. You have an interest in experiencing expanded states of consciousness that bring clarity, new ideas, and insights. You believe that you can create your own reality, and are interested in becoming more skilled at creating the reality you want.


Take a journey and gain insights of:


Spiritual Awakening Gateways

Opening, Grounding & Protection


Chakras & Aura

Psychic Senses

Cards & Flowers Reading

Sacred Geometry


Spiritual Guides

and much more


Concession   £ 88                     Offer of concession for those in need.

Drop in classes £15/ Concession £11


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Psychic & Spiritual Development Course
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Sacred Spirituality Center

The Center intention is to assist, serve and benefit all Souls on Spiritual Journey, providing portal through higher vibrations, awakening and activating Light Body and the Heart True Essence.


Sacred Adventures

to Machu Picchu, Peru, Bolivia September 16-30th with Equinox in Machu Picchu on the 22nd!



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"Heal and you will be healed 
 Give and you will receive

 Its nature order..."

Sacred Geometry   The Flower of Life

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