Sacred Spiritual Tours

Glastonbury, Avebury, Stonehange

Summer 2014

Avalon Tour      Summer Solstice


Avalon is a sacred landscape that connects us to the wisdom lineages held in the land and mapped from the stars. These are our sacred lineages of light. As you remember your wisdom lineages, these sacred sites call you to return, to answer the call of guardianship. For you guardianship might refer to the landscape of Avalon itself, as well as the Sacred wisdom lineages you carry within yourself to guide your life and share in your community.


Rediscover intuitive connection to the land, awake and open to the hidden landscape of the Goddess in Avebury and Glastonbury. Through authentic ceremony, you will step beyond the veil and interact with the multi-dimensional reality present in these sacred sites. You will learn how to activate your subtle bodies and strengthen your lightbody in order to consciously connect with the cosmic portals of Stonehenge, the Glastonbury Tor and Stone Circle of Avebury.


Tour Themes


 Sacred Sites Reconnection & Alignment

Light Body Activations

Sacred Frequency Healing

Workshop & Ceremony



Our Mission is to support you to:

  • Explore and experience the beauty and significance of sacred sites
  • Honour your True Self and assist you on your inner journey
  • integrate and unite with others on their journey
  • Show your autentic self
  • Rediscover your connection with the Source and your life purpose 



You will receive both a paypal confirmation of payment and follow up welcome letter and details for the tour upon payment.


The Sacred Water, Chalice Well Gardens

Amazing Healing Orbs Energies coming out of the Avebury Stone Circle ground

- Magdalena




Sacred Tours  dates coming soon. Stay Tuned.

Sacred Spirituality Center

The Center intention is to assist, serve and benefit all Souls on Spiritual Journey, providing portal through higher vibrations, awakening and activating Light Body and the Heart True Essence.


Sacred Adventures

to Machu Picchu, Peru, Bolivia September 16-30th with Equinox in Machu Picchu on the 22nd!



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"Heal and you will be healed 
 Give and you will receive

 Its nature order..."

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