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Reiki Treatment- Soul Session

A soul session is a time to reconnect with the essence of who you are, rebalance and align different aspects of your being and receive support on your journey of expansion.
Common benefits of a session are reduction or removal of physical pain, accelerated healing, deep relaxation, mental clarity, increased confidence and wellbeing.

What happens when you come for a Soul Session:

Reiki is drawn through the practitioner and the recipient's body will draw the energy to those parts of their body that require it.
Energy enters through the practitioner's crown chakra and passes through the upper charkas to their heart and solar plexus chakras and passed through arms and hands to the recipient. The practitioner passes Reiki through a purified channel that is opened by the attunements.
Opening :
The practitioner starts a session by asking how the client is right now and what aspects of them self client want to explore, heal, integrate or expand on. In this client is held in a sacred space where client gain clarity.
Energy Healing:
Client will sit or lie comfortably (fully- clothed) and the practitioner will place her hands gently, in a series of positions, on or over client body. Clients system automatically draws in only as much Reiki as is needed, using it in whatever way is most appropriate at the time.
Receiving a healing is a magical experience that will leave you feeling relaxed, energised, centred and peaceful. In the treatment there is feel of flow energy, often a warmth or mild tingly sensations or coolness, sensations of lightness and deep relaxation.
It may also be the case that the session is based on speaking rather than energy healing. This again will be as appropriate for client.
The Practitioner spends a few minutes allowing the healing to integrate, sharing experiences and insights to support in continued wellbeing.
You do not need to believe in energy healing in order for it to have a deep effect. Rather the sessions are result-orientated, and only enter the realms of the spiritual if you wish to do so.
A Session plan:
This will be discussed, and reviewed as necessary. This will always be subject to own preferences, and can be changed at any time according to progress.

Benefits are derived from one session. Equally, increased benefit is likely to be achieved through a course of treatments as this naturally allows you to open to deeper levels of healing.
After the Session:
Treatment is enhanced when resting for a while afterward and drinking plenty of water to help the body detox. Allow the energy to continue its work after the session ends. As above, it is best to avoid alcohol, sugar and excessive caffeine for the 24 hour period after the session. The effects of the session may take longer than that to work through  system and if that is the case keep an eye on how your body is feeling and listen to what it needs (sleep, water).
Be aware of how you are feeling emotionally, and where your thoughts are during this time. These can be signposts for what is working through your system after the session. The beneficial effects may be felt for several days.
Distance Healing:
Whenever you are unable to visit for the treatment healing, you can call or e-mail to arrange the distance healing in the time convenient for you. You will need to find peaceful place where you could lie or sit, for more information please do not hesitate to contact me.
Energy Exchange

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Reiki works on the Universal principle of energy exchange. Reiki practitioners charge for their services because:
- Their uses their own time and energy in providing themselves as a channel for the Universe to work through them. Money is also energy. The money doesn't reflect the energy being transmitted, for this is essence priceless
- Your value of a service is also important. If you do not value what you are being given, then you will not see the sacred value of what you are being offered. Reiki is a powerful sacred energetic ritual. You are going to receive because you have given
By giving and receiving we are respecting the Self and the Whole. By respecting the Self, you are also respecting the Universe- because the Universe lives through you!

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The Center intention is to assist, serve and benefit all Souls on Spiritual Journey, providing portal through higher vibrations, awakening and activating Light Body and the Heart True Essence.


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