Numerology Vibrations

The language of vibration is articulated by number and expressed through geometric ratios that define sound, colour (light) and form. Everything in creation is designed and defined by these archetypal patterns. It is the geometric expression of these archetype energies that open our intuitive awareness and understanding of these energy characteristics. Numbers and the symbols that express them have the same meaning throughout this world's cultures, and indeed, it is this language that is truly universal.
Learning the language of vibration embarks one on the journey of creation itself, unfolding from the source of all-that-is (and all that shall be) from
1 One-ness and Unity
2 Division
3 Multiplication
4 Manifestation
5 Reproduction/Transformation
6 Reflection/Balance
7 Evolution
8 Infinite-Awareness
9 Enlightened Perfection
Below is a concise summation of each ROOT-ESSENCE vibration's geometric blueprint, energy principles and characteristics. To find out which number are you simply add all numbers of your birth.








The symbol of the numeral 1 is a straight line, which is the first geometric principle that issues forth from the Monad.The numeral 1 is the the first arrow of intention, direction and desire. It is said that the manifest universe was created from the first intent to "Know Thyself", to experience one-self. This desire literally creates a line of enquiry, a sense of direction that begins to take shape as difference, and then polarity, and then reflection, where we move into the realm of the 2. Before 1 can get to 2 and the realm of mannas, or "the consciousness that can reflect upon itself", it has to blaze the trail, to strike out in the dark, it is the power of DIVINE WILL.
Scientific and Spiritual thinking agrees on one point: the one point from which everything began! The scientists call this point the point of Singularity, while the Spiritualists call this point Oneness, Unity or the Source. And both points of view suggest that this point existed in a void of nothingness. The only form that can express this infathomable oneness is the Circle. The division of the circle's diameter by it's circumference gives us the ratio known as Pi, which shows us that the nature of the circle is infinite. It is all-encompassing and bursting at the seams with potential.









And so, at the beginning of creation the themes of opposites, difference, polarity and duality were born. This awareness created a movement, a vibrational thought-form that divided the 1 into 2. The number 1 is represented by a circle, and in sacred geometry the energy of 2 is symbolised by two circles dividing each other through their centres. This form is known as the  Vesica Piscis. The Vesica Piscis is the image of reflection and by that essence of intent creates the energy blueprint for light itself. The two circles intersecting each other creates a third form that joins the two circles. In this space that joins the two to birth the third, the joining of male and female energy, is found the mathematical ratio that creates the synergy of MAGNETIC (female) energy and ELECTRICAL (male) energy that actually creates the electromagnetic spectrum, or LIGHT itself.
With Light, we have the shadow of Darkness, and the energy of 2 represents duality and polarity: Our perceptual Universe is based upon duality/polarity, the brain itself is constructed in the image of the 2, the right and the left: There are two acts of thinking: Perceiving and Conceiving; percepts and concepts. What the vesica piscis shows us is the christ/buddhic principle of the middle way, uniting the polarity of left and right brain perception to rebirth consciousness and become enlightened, literally, in the image of light.












The square root of 3 is known as the Fundation of Light cross. The trinity is the fundamental blueprint for manifest creation, and shows how we are all patterned (or even patented!) from light, and that the nature of light is to grow and expand as the universe suggests. To meditate on the trinity through the image of the Vesica Piscis, is to understand and experience the origin of that light within you. It balances your polarities and takes them beyond the bi-polar see-saw into harmony.The geometry of the Vesica Piscis gives us the blueprint for light, which is based upon the geometry of the triangle. So we can see that once the inital division of unity has occured, the creative expansion of the energy of multiplication is unleashed through the energy of the 3. The triangle is called the Mother in India, because it is the form through which the transcendent powers of Unity and its initial division into Polarity must pass before it manifests the surface of form. The holiness about the trinity is that when this step of unfoldment is reached, there is no going back, the creative force has been unleashed and set in motion, the birth of creation has begun. And this translates to us directly and physically as well; at the point of conception, the male and female cells join and pass through the image of the Vesica Piscis to begin the process of cell division.
The concept of the trinity is fundamental in nature and creation and we see the trinity mirrored in all the mystery teachings of the ancients. 3 is regarded as the perfect number to represent the true nature of the Godhead because it expressed the Beginning, the Centre and the End of all things. The trinity symbolizes the divine expression of self that is achieved when a balance and joining of the Male (Left Brain), and Female (Right Brain), happens, and our perceptual ability is re-born and we become enlightened. This is symbolized in the trinity relationships that underpin all the ancient teachings. The triangle is the ancient symbol for the element of FIRE. We talk about the creative fire within, that when expressed outwards, spreads warmth and light and inspiration.








The number 4 creates the form of the Square, which is the ancient symbol for the element of Earth, and the earth, our home. The square also represents material consciousness, and manifestation. We build our homes on the solid, secure and safe foundations of the square. And because the square is equal on all four sides, it has the reputation of being very "FAIR and SQUARE". The earth defines physical space with its 4 directions: North, South, East and West. We talk about the '4 corners' of the earth, and we have 4 seasons that divide the earth year. These 4 Seasons are of 3 months each, and each is guided according to ancient wisdom by 4 Archangels:




There are 4 phases to the Lunar cycle: New Moon, 1st Quarter, Full Moon, Last Quarter. Pythagoras spoke about 4 as representing the 4 elements and therefore symbolizing the earth, or the Macrocosm in relation to the Microcosm. He called 4 the "fountain of natural effects and the key-bearer of Nature". There are 4 distinct phases that bring about the materialisation of manifest forms: 1. The idea happens 2. The seed of the idea is planted 3. Growth occurs 4. The mature product materialises.



The geometry of the 5 teaches us about individuality AND Unity, it shoes us how we can be totally unique individuals and yet made in the holographic image of the Universe. The form and reciprocal nature of the Pentagram star inside the Pentagram is created by the Phi ratio, also known as the "Golden" ratio, which generates infinite growth and evolution through the power of procreation.
Notice how many flowers have 5 petals. In fact in Nature, all plants that bear fruits have 5-petalled flowers. The flower transforms into the fruit, which contains seeds. An apple blossom has 5 petals: when you cut into an apple horizontally, you will see that the seeds are also arranged in a 5-pointed, or PENTAGONAL star formation, the same form as the flower. The proliferation and variety of different organic forms are a direct result of 5's vibration. The cycle of cause and effect promotes change as growth and eventual evolution.


The 5 as the number of Humankind, places us in the microscopic world, but its reflection is in that of the macroscopic world, and as such relates the human form to the divine form of God and the Universe as the expression of God. After all we are told that we were created in God's image. We see the Phi ratio all over the Human body, and throughout the natural world, and when the ancients found this out, they considered the Human form to be the archetype form and this prompted the famous saying: "Man is the measure of all things". They used the human form as their universal measuring stick, and were able for example, to accurately plot the orbital pathways and spatial relationships of the planets to each other just by observing and measuring the ratios found in the Human form. The deeper symbolism of the geometric energy of the 5 shows how the human form and in fact many natural forms are holographic expressions of the creator, but certain religious movements didn't want people to know that the divine presence and awareness of God/dess, the Source, was within and all around us. They wanted us to believe in a fearsome Divinity who was very far away, watching us from up on high, and casting out judgments. It is much easier to control the masses through fear with such images. So, because the geometry of the pentagram inside the pentagon holds the secret of divine creation and connection, "the masses" were steered away from the revelatory power of it's form with fear.










The geometrical form that the 6 vibration generates is the Hexagon, and its internal form, the Star of David: two perfectly balanced, interlocking equilateral triangles. Since ancient times the Star of David, called by the Hindus the "Sign of Vishnus" has been the most evocative symbol of the spiritual axiom, "AS ABOVE - SO BELOW". This sacred form represents the concept that the material world is but a reflection of the greater reality, the unseen spiritual reality. The upward-pointing triangle represents the heavens, the cosmic source of the divine, while the downward-pointing triangle represents the earth, the birth-place of material form where cosmic energy can manifest itself and look back at its' reflection in the mirror. So this image tells us that a perfect balance must be created between the perception and awareness of the material and spiritual realms, and maintained, if we are to fulfill our destiny as human beings. There has to be an integration of consciousness, a balancing of our perceptual awareness if we are to know ourselves as co-creators.
The 6 illustrates the relationship of the divine and the human, indicating that man's evolution and expansion of consciousness lies in the balance of the spiritual and the physical, the eternal and the transitory. This is the founding principle of Sacred Geometry, to address and present the laws of vibration to both sides of the brain equally so that we can begin to perceive with Unity consciousness.








7 is always considered to be a magic and mystical number, and this is because it is a number that resonates with the intuition, the sub-conscious, and the more abstract and less tangible aspects of reality. A child born under a 7 was immediately offered a place at Pythagoras' Mystery School, due to their natural psychic receptivity. In Mayan Numerology, the 7 represents the magic by which the whole holds together. It represents the void at the centre of the Universe around which everything spins into form. The Mayans call 7 the pulsation ray of MYSTIC POWER, which holds the centre and reflects total order: it is the axis of symmetry. 7 represents the VOID, the dark immeasurable depths from which consciousness emanates.


7 relates to time, in the changing positions of the Moon in relation to the Earth particularly; we mark our earthly time with 7 days in the week. Time does not stem from the physical world and in this sense, 7 is a messenger from the spiritual realms. The stages of individual human development are regulated in accordance with the rhythm of 7: age 7 - the child loses its milk teeth and gains the adult teeth. Age 14 - reaches puberty. Age 21 - completes her growth and is regarded as an independent personality in social life. The ancients divided the human life-span into 7-year periods, recognizing that the evolutionary spiritual rhythms of humankind, the Universe, and musical harmony align with the number 7.


This 7-fold system of evolutionary development ties in with the chakric system of eastern philosophy. There are 7 major chakras in the traditional chakric map, taking us through a whole octave of sensory experience. If we can open and balance all the chakras and expand our awareness, we can open the doorway into infinity as expressed by the vibration of 8. The 7 chakras correspond with the 7 spectral colours we see in light, and we can note that wherever the heavens interweave with human life the 7 occurs in a subtle way: The RAINBOW is the most supersensible sight we can behold on the earth with the physical senses and reflects the full realm of the human perceptual bandwidth.



The shape of the 8, known as the Lemniscate, depicts the rhythm of energy that flows around and within two polar opposites. The material realm is a reflection, the polar opposite of the Spiritual world. The 8 shows us how these polar opposites pass through the same point of unity before measuring their differences. The crossing point of the figure 8 suggests the crossing-point from the material realm to the spiritual realm, the "needle's eye" through which it is difficult for those chained to materialism to pass. Esotericism sees the 8 as signifying a resurrection into a higher consciousness, and representing the eternal and spiral motion of cycles. If we look at the 8 symbol, we see that it forms an endless looping in and out, a giving and receiving of energy in a never-ending cycle. Along with zero, the 8 is the only number that can be drawn over and over without taking your pen off the paper. The symbol of 8 is the infinity symbol, and is a vibration of great power, strength, endurance and stamina. It symbolises the endless cycle of cause and effect, which generates the laws of karma and the cycle of life in general. The karmic cycle is what keeps us focused on the earth plane, and underpins the physics of gravitational attraction, something the figure 8 displays graphically.


Astrologically, Saturn is the planet linked to the number 8. Saturn rules the world of order and form, and has a powerful impact on our lives. When Saturn's influence is strong we often face situations where we suddenly or finally have to face or change our response-ability. Response- Ability, is our ability to respond to situations, and Saturn is known for shaking up the order of things to get to the truth of situations, so often, well-established foundations will break apart to reveal the fundamental reality underneath. The 8 is the revealer of truth and knowledge





Because 9 is the final single digit in the root essence family, it naturally completes cycles of experience. But it also initiates new cycles, because after 9 comes 10, and a whole new cycle of experience begins. The vibration of 9 resonates with the themes of attainment, perfection and completion. As the last root essesnce number it symbolises the pinnacle of iIdealism, the top of the mountain. And it carries the energy of completion because the gestation period of the human foetus is 9 months. So 9 is the number of wisdom through experience.


We can see that the 6 and the 9 are the same symbol, just flipped vertically. The 9 is a spiral that moves out from the centre, which expresses the energy of evolution, while the 6 is a spiral that curves inwards, symbolising involution and fertility. The 9, like the 6, is very sensitive to the needs of others and it wants to make the world a better place in which to live. However, where the 6 is influenced and orientated by the family unit, the 9 sees the whole human race as it's family and often creates a very close "alternative" family of friends around it. The 9 is known as the humanitarian vibration.


9 and the sun are linked together symbolically, especially in Mayan numerology. The vibration of 9, according to the ancient Maya, generates the vibration of cyclic periodicity, or the cycles of time governed by the sun's movements. The sun's movements through the sky denote the seasons, the months, the days and the nights. Again, the themes of evolution, and ascension are emphasized and utilized with the energy of the 9 in the Mayan philosophies; many of the Mayan pyramids in the Yucatan are Ascension chambers, and they have 9 steps up to the top plateau.


The symbol of 9 is often referred to as the "Lamp of Hermes", the vibration that can enlighten humanity through its wisdom. The 9, then, symbolizes reflected light, and we can look to the 9th card in the tarot to elaborate upon this symbolism further: The 9th card in the Tarot is The HERMIT. The Hermit is standing on top of a mountain, holding out her lamp of reflected ageless wisdom to the rest of humanity. She has attained, and evolved through the cycles of growth that 9 completes. The Hermit has detached from the pettiness and density of the material plane by focusing on the task and goals she has set for herself and by looking at all obstacles as opportunities for growth, experience, and ultimately wisdom. The key symbolism of the Hermit is the "Lamp of Hermes" that she holds out. If you look closely, you will notice that the symbol of 9 is actually a lamp with a handle, a container of light that enlightens and illuminates darkness and ignorance. The Hermit knows that knowledge is worthless and meaningless if it is isn't shared. True wisdom, and true fulfillment is achieved by giving out and reflecting your knowledge, and watching it enlighten others.

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