Celestine Prophecy- The Nine Insights

What follows are direct quotes from the book "Celetine Phrophecy" by James Redfield

The book discusses various psychological and spiritual ideas that are rooted in many ancient Eastern Traditions, such as how opening to new possibilities can help an individual to establish a connection with the Divine. The main character of the novel undertakes a journey to find and understand a series of nine spiritual insights on an ancient manuscript in Peru. The book is a first-person narrative of spiritual awakening. The narrator is in a transitional period of his life, and begins to notice instances of synchronicity, which is the belief that coincidences have a meaning personal to those who experience them.

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Insight 1

The first insight occurs when we become conscious of the coincidences in our lives and that some other process is operating. It manifests as a profound sense of restlessness which leads people to take a 'me-first' and demanding attitude. Once we reach a certain critical mass, the entire culture will begin to take these coincidences more seriously. Chance coincidences are meant to happen. Recognizing and following them will start you on your path to your spiritual truth. The coincidences take the form of a series of events which point to a higher path. Each is a message leading us to a grander awareness. There is a spiritual program in operation. These coincidences are leading us to our spiritual destiny. Once you become aware of these coincidences, you will note they happen more often. We have been pooh-poohing miraculous or chance happenings as nothing to seriously consider or as anything that could remotely have an intended purpose or provide a sense of direction.

Insight 2

The 2nd insight puts our current awareness into a longer historical perspective for the purpose of attaining a new approach to Spirituality. It teaches us that we should live our beliefs rather than talk about them. These beliefs are communicated by actions that we take in our own lives which project a model to others. Historically, mankind has been through periods which are controlled by various beliefs and attitudes. For example, during the Middle Ages reality was defined by the Christian Church. Because of the church influence, each person was to choose between good and evil as guided by interpretation of the scriptures by those most qualified to do so, i.e. the priests of the Church. Since the common man was not qualified to make such an interpretation, he had to rely exclusively on those given by the Church. Every aspect of the medieval world was defined in other-worldly terms, which was interpreted by the representatives of the church. As the priesthood began to fall apart through abuse of power and violations of their oaths to god and church, rebellion grew among the populace. Factions and splinter groups developed their own interpretation of the scriptures. The rebellion was partly due to disgust with the actions of the established priesthood and partly because the people felt they should have access to the scriptures and be allowed to form their own personal interpretations without the need of any middlemen. As the nature of the world was explored, science developed, resulting in an ever increasing quest for knowledge and understanding of our universe and its properties. Our questions regarding God and the meaning of life had not been answered, so we sent out explorers to report back on what they found as a means of keeping us busy. As mankind progressed, mechanization and technology led to higher and higher levels of consumerism, thereby leading us away from our age old quest for the spiritual meaning of life. The purpose of the 2nd insight is to extend our consciousness of historical time to enable us to see the progression of humankind back to its quest for spirituality and away from our current preoccupation with economic security. Once we come to realize this as a natural and inevitable progression, we can then take steps to help the process along.

Insight 3


It describes a new understanding of the physical world, teaching us how to perceive what was formerly an invisible energy. This energy is what pervades and sustains the universe. It is malleable to human intention and expectation and can be consciously caused to flow out into the world and affect other energy systems. Interactions between living systems, including humans, involve a blending, depletion or absorption of this energy, depending on the situation. The physical world is actually a vast system of energy. The universe is energy which responds to our expectations, since people are part of the universe, when we have a question, people will show up who have the answer we seek. Sometimes it might not be the complete answer to your question, but it will provide a part. Perception of this energy is through an enhanced, heightened sensitivity to beauty. Beauty is on the same wavelength as this heretofore invisible energy (aura and subtle energy viewing techniques would help us to learn to perceive and consciously manipulate these energy flows). How do you recognize when someone has a message for you? Sudden, spontaneous eye contact or a sense or recognition indicates the two people involved should talk. Such recognition indicates that person is in a similar 'thought group' as yourself and that one or both of you have information which needs to be exchanged. You should open up to communication by overcoming any reservations or shyness that might prevent you from approaching the person.

Insight 4


The 4th insight points out that for a long time, we humans have been unconsciously competing for the only part of this energy we have been open to; that part that flows between people. Conflict occurs when humans feel the need to control and dominate one another. When we control another human, we absorb their energy, leading to a sense of gratification and motivation to continue the practice. We thus become 'addicted' to the feeling and will get progressively more demanding and out of control in our efforts to absorb ever more energy from our interactions with others.

Insight 5


The 5th insight deals with how we don't have to steal energy from others but instead can absorb energy directly from the universe if only we can open up to it. The universe and our local environment are rich with energy which we can learn to sense and become a part of. Once this insight is understood, we no longer have the need to engage in situations which attempt to dominate or create conflict with others. Recognizing that such vast stores of energy are ours to freely use will help mankind to eliminate the many tensions and stresses that arise from interactions with others who drain energy.

Insight 6


The 6th insight deals with 'Control Dramas', which are ways we have learned to get energy flowing in our direction. They then become programmed into our subconscious as patterns to be repeated over and over again because they work to get control of a situation, dominate it and pull power from others into you. Childhood traumas block our ability to fully experience the mystical. All humans tend toward one of four "control dramas" - Intimidators, Interrogators, Aloof people and Poor-Me. We all fit into one category or another. One control drama is dominant but you will use whichever you need at the moment to feel more secure, tending to repeat the category which works best for you. Once you learn to recognize the control drama currently in place, you can sidestep it to avoid conflict and the associated draining of energy from your participation. Energy is stolen from you when you engage in another person's control drama. We all do it subconsciously when we feel the need. Covert manipulations for energy cannot exist if you bring them to consciousness by pointing them out. Such a revealing causes both people to become more real and honest. Since control dramas are instilled in us in reaction to the control dramas instilled in our parents by their parents, we must seek out why we act as we do, reinterpret the experience from a more evolved and spiritual point of view and discover who we really are. Once we accomplish this, the control drama dissolves away and our real lives take off. It should be pointed out that control dramas can also be created as a defence mechanism for any situation which removes energy from the child. Thus, the parents are not always the source of the control drama.

Insight 7


The 7th insight deals with the process of consciously evolving yourself, staying alert to every coincidence, every answer the universe provides for you. Sometimes, when things have a special meaning, they jump out at you, entering your consciousness in a forceful way, coming to you as guidance. It also deals with the interpretation of dreams. Compare the dream story to your life. Bad dreams have the most important messages since they act as warnings of things that are probable but can be avoided by recognizing the message from the dream. We are also guided by our thoughts and daydreams. When a thought comes, we must ask why? How does it relate to you as seen from the position of an observer? When we assume the observer position, it places us IN THE FLOW of evolution, allowing us an opportunity to influence it to our benefit. The method of overcoming fear images is to substitute a good outcome in place of the bad. Eventually, negative images will almost never happen. When they occur thereafter, they have particularly serious meanings and their message should be dealt with accordingly.


Insight 8


The 8th insight describes how we can aid others as they bring us the answers we seek. (This follows from the 3rd Insight where all energy is interconnected, including through people, so when you seek an answer, the spider web of energy will resonate with another who has your answer and call them to you to provide that answer) It also describes a whole new ethic governing the way humans should treat each other in order to facilitate everyone's evolution. Energy can be used in a new way when relating to people in general, particularly with how we deal with children. Children need our energy on a constant basis, without condition. The worst thing you can do is to drain energy from a child while correcting them. Control dramas are then created by the child to counter the loss of energy. Children should be included in conversations and not spoken of as if they are not present or in the third person. You should also never take responsibliity for more children than you can devote your full attention to. This cancels out the need on the child part to compete with other children for the attention of the adult. Questions from a child should be answered with the utmost seriousness, avoiding fanciful answers which can confuse the child or build mistrust. Find a way to tell the child the truth in terms they can understand. Addiction to an opposite sex can pull energy from us because we have yet to access this opposite sex energy in ourselves. When we first begin to evolve, we automatically begin to receive our opposite-sex energy as it comes in naturally from the universe. However, another person can come along who provides this energy and who can unknowingly cut us off from the universal source, thereby making us addicted TO THEM as our primary source. You must learn to recognize when a control dramas is in place, break through or sidestep them and focus on providing energy to the person who feels in need. When the energy is provided through an alternate route (the universe or environment) or exchanged in a mutually beneficial fashion between the two people, a comfort zone is established which fulfils the needs of both persons. Interaction in group settings is also a part of the 8th Insight. In such group meetings, some people feel self-conscious or shy and don't participate as easily as others. As the group members talk, new ideas surface one at a time. If the group is aware of what is happening around them, they can sensitize themselves to feel who is about to speak with the next most powerful idea. By consciously focusing their energies on this person, they will help to bring out the idea with the greatest clarity. This technique is used to allow everyone to participate fully. One must be aware that the group energy focus can instil a good feeling in the current speaker, who continues to speak after the idea has been expressed, thereby monopolizing the conversation which ends up sapping the group energies. The idea is to add to the energy of each member of the group by projecting your own energy and not to become so addicted to the 'rush' of energy as to monopolize and dominate the group interaction. Share the energy.

Insight 9


The 9th insight deals with where humans are going with this new evolutionary process as a direct result of consciously directed evolution. Old trees have significant stores of energy that create high energy zones of great beauty and spiritual strength. As we evolve, we will voluntarily decrease our population to allow the growth and culturing of these old tree regions. It predicts the development of totally automatic support systems to sustain and nourish human life. Currency will not be needed and intuition will be the guide for the actions in each person's life, thus establishing a harmonious balance in everyone's lives. Our sense of purpose will be satisfied by the thrill of being able to influence our own evolution. Mankind is on this planet to learn to consciously evolve. It further predicts that as whole groups of people continue to increase their vibrations, they will reach a point where they will simply disappear from the perceptions of those on the lower vibrations.





The story opens with the male narrator becoming reacquainted with an old female friend, who tells him about the Insights, which are contained in a manuscript dating to 600 BC, which has been only recently translated. After this encounter leaves him curious, he decides to go to Peru. On the airplane, he meets a historian who also happens to be interested in the manuscript. As well, he learns that powerful figures within the Peruvian government and the Catholic Church are opposed to the dissemination of the Insights. This is dramatically illustrated when police try to arrest and then shoot the historian soon after his arrival.

The narrator then learns the Insights, one by one, often experiencing the Insight before actually reading the text, while being pursued by forces of the Church and the Peruvian government. In the end, he succeeds in learning the first nine Insights and returns to the United States, with a promise of a Tenth Insight soon to be revealed.


In the novel, the Maya civilization  left ruins in Peru where the manuscript was found, whereupon the Incas took up residence in the abandoned Maya cities after the Maya had reached an "energy vibration level" which made them cross a barrier into a completely spiritual reality.

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